Within a few years we were launched a number of lines dedicated to body care, distributed to beauty salons, spas and many 5-star facilities. One of the first to be created, the thalassotherapy line, exploits the benefits of the famous seaweeds from Brittany. In laboratories located in Brittany and Italy runs the immediate processing of raw materials and products for a very fresh and active cosmetics.
In 2014 Laboratoires BeWell launched the make-up line Veg-Up, all-natural, organic, vegan, not tested on animals, certified BDIH.

In 2016 it is launched the Veg-Up face care line, all-natural, organic, vegan, biodynamic and biodiverse.
Currently Laboratoires BeWell has the distinction of having formulated for first completely organic and vegan lines, gluten free, with absolute respect for ecology (folding carton and recycled plastic, use of environmentally friendly materials, logistics optimization with anti-pollution methods)..